PVC and additives dosing and weighing

For material dosing and weighing, below are key points need to be considered:

Material form: Powder, Granules, Pellets, Liquids, ...

Bulk density - Dynamic viscosity

Particle size distribution

Flow characteristics

Hazardous - Explosive

Single component weight of formulation

Necessary dosing and weighing precision (accuracy and tolerance)

For main components (PVC and/or CaCO3) dosing and weighing by a suction scale is a good solution.

For additives (solid and liquid) dosing and weighing, dosing screws and/or dosing valves working together with a gain-in-weight weighing station will allow a high accuracy with one weighing device service for multiple components

Suction Scale for PVC and CaCO3

Solid additives dosing and weighing

Liquid additives dosing and weighing