Central electrical control

For the central electrical control system, it will always related to hard ware and soft ware.

For hard ware, a PLC will be used for logical control of all filed unit such as motors, valves, instruments, blowers and pumps.

For visualization and production data record and print, one or more industrial computer will be installed.

And this computer also provide alarm information, maintenance remind, remote diagnosis display and control.

the communication between PLC and instruments, between PLC and PC will be realized by Profibus or Ethernet

HMI (human-machine interface) could be in the structure of PLC+PC or PLC+ touch screen.

Both solutions consist of PLC programming and interface configuration. This work is so important since it will decide the system reliability and user friendly

Our system have below features

Operator’s setting: Flexibility/Adjustable

Information: Clearly & Simply Display

Easy operate/More Icon, Less pull-down manual

Visualization: Real status fed back/ More Info Displayed

Time to Time Date Record and Printable

Access Authority/Differ Level Password

Multiple Language Available

Self-Diagnosis/Alarm Information, Fault Messages